We are different

Montfort Management has an experience in education from last 27 years and renowned for quality and high student performance whether it is academics, sports, extra-curricular activities or personal development.
April 2015 marks the beginning of a new chapter of excellence in education with a flagship school in Karnal.

What differentiates Montfort is its educational model, where students not only focus on academics but also participate in various sports and extracurricular activities for overall development. In this school students get their own learning space and teachers adapt to individual needs of the student.

Montfort’s education program always put emphasis on student and assesses their progress individually, on their level. The learning program always revolves around each student’s goals, ambition and needs. The teachers act as mentor, coach and partner for individual student to help them in achieving their long term goals.

Each student has different ambition in his life. To understand and achieve individual goals of each student, individual mentor will help in achieving their goals. Students who have aptitude for challenging assignments, are encouraged to aim high and students who feel difficulty in any subject may choose slower path to success. The personal goals of each student are set differently and achieving these goals helps his path towards success.

One on one interaction to understand the needs of each child is an essential ingredient of a day at Montfort. Personal coaching sessions are held every week and are a regular opportunity for the teacher to catch up with the students and check that each one is keeping up with their personal goals.


The learning management system of Montfort has a learning portal which contains all the resources, assignments and curriculum at one point. It contains syllabi, texts, assignments, tasks and assessment of individual students which can be assessed at any time and any place. It also gives the parents an insight onto and an opportunity to be hands on with the child’s learning.

Students can choose to work at a pace most suitable to them based on their aptitudes and abilities. Students can set their own goals and move ahead of the class in achievement of their present goals. An individual study plan helps track progress of each student and is developed with parental involvement. This provides the student the skills and ability to be responsible for his own learning.

At Montfort, the students choose where they want to sit and work. They can sit in the learning spaces around the arena, in the cafeteria or the library. These learning spaces are all crucial for realizing Montfort’s concept to give students an education based in personalized learning. The premises are designed to allow students to work in varied ways to meet their different requirement and ways to learn.

Montfort believe sports as a powerful tool for educational establishment to use and can have a positive impact on kids in areas such as discipline, attendance and behaviour. Montfort management always inspire their students to take part in various sports activities. The school has world class outdoor and indoor sports facilities like Swimming pool, Basketball court, Tennis court, Skating, Horse riding, and Archery.